On behalf of the members and Board of Directors of the Western Bison Association (WBA), we welcome your interest in Bison and invite you to join our organization. We represent a growing group of dedicated producers, marketers, and enthusiasts that share in the future of buffalo, their continued prosperity as a healthy meat source and the development of by-products that this majestic animal offers us.

2016 WBA Buffalo Stampede Show and Sale
December 1-3 at Golden Spike Event Center, Ogden UT

Please join the WBA for our annual show and sale at the Golden Spike Event Center in Ogden UT. Membership meeting to be held on Thursday December 1, Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony Friday December 2, and Live Buffalo Auction Saturday December 3 at NOON sharp. We hope to see you there!

Click here for the complete Show & Sale Information Packet.

"Stormy" to be auctioned this year to support our
Legal Defense Fund.

For the second year in a row the Western Bison Association will be auctioning a bison calf with the proceeds being donated to our Legal Defense Fund. This year Joe and Bonnie Brown of 2J Bison have donated "Stormy", the bull calf. Seen above at 4 months 1 week old. We thank Joe and Bonnie for their generosity.

Stormy will be auctioned in two separate ways this year to help avoid confusion. During our Fun Auction on Friday night December 2, we will auction off various "parts" of Stormy in good fun. His eyes, tail, ears, nose, etc. The money from the winners of these auctions will go to our Legal Defense Fund, but they will not receive any part or say in the outcome of the calf. On Saturday, during our Annual Sale, Stormy will be auctioned off and the winner will take him home as full owner. We hope to keep this tradition going for several years to help boost the balance of our Legal Defense Fund.

The Legal Defense Fund was started by John Painter on behalf of the Western Bison Association. This fund will be used to defend bison and the bison industry from restrictive regulation, violations of property rights, and attempted land grabs by NGO's and government entities, so that we can continue to expand bison populations in private herds across America. The WBA has secured the services of the well-respected Budd-Falen Law Firm in Cheyenne, WY. Their experience in protecting livestock producers from environmental attacks has already proved invaluable.

About the Western Bison Association

The Western Bison Association was founded in 1998 for the bison producers of the Western United States that are dedicated to preserving the American Bison through marketing, ranching, research, and education. We sponsor the Wild West Buffalo Stampede Show and Sale that is held annually on the first Saturday of December in Ogden, Utah at the Golden Spike Event Center. Each Stampede features our show and sale with live animals being judged and sold from all western states. We have our annual meeting, educational forums, and speakers preceding the show and sale, beginning on the previous Thursday. The WBA meets during the National Bison Association's winter conference held in Denver at the National Western Livestock Show each January and in the spring of each year at a host ranch and location that rotates from year to year. Watch our message board for upcoming dates to remember.

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